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Profiles In Courage – Distributor Stories: “Janine Avila”

Look up the word “courage” in the dictionary and you just might see the face of Janine Avila next to it. Beaten down and thought to be broken more than once,  this is the amazing true story of a woman who, when faced with insurmountable  odds, managed to find the courage to keep on going time after time after time.   Think we’re kidding? Think we’re stretching it just a bit? Imagine your….

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11. You start getting your life back together as you take on a personal trainer – Sam. Sam is someone who becomes a dear friend. One day the phone rings and you are told your trainer, your dear friend Sam has just committed suicide.

12. And to add to all of this, you have five kids of your own and you decide to adopt two more boys which brings the total number of kids who are depending on you to seven as your world continues to plummet deeper and deeper into darkness.

How did she find the courage to get up? Well, even that was a challenge one day when Janine, wallowing in self pity, was challenged by her young son when he told her,  “ We will know longer serve you. You must get out of bed and heal yourself…now!”

This is truly a person of courage.  A “real” woman of courage.


Meet Janine Avila

Current Status: Success Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Former Vice President: Oxyfresh and 21TEN

Years in Direct Selling: 25



Phone: 800.779.1652




Linked In: