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Welcome to Magazine’s VI Annual POWER 50. The list of the 50 MOST POWERFUL, MOST INFLUENTIAL People In Direct Selling Worldwide.

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Who where Direct Selling’s 50 movers, shakers and influence makers in 2014? Who were the 50 that shaped and defined Direct Selling in 2014 from business to politics to social to cultural to  sexuality to race relations?  From the previous year who moved up? Who moved down? Who moved out and who moved in?  They are all here in Magazine’s VI Annual POWER 50. The only list in Direct Selling where you are not voted on by popularity or added to because you belong to an association.  It is the only legitimate list built on POWER, INFLUENCE & INTEGRITY.

 Click to download POWER 50 VI (2013)

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best us based online casinoHow we arrive at the Magazine POWER 50 lists:

What makes the Magazine POWER 50 so powerful is that it looks at  everyone in Direct Selling. Unlike other lists in Direct Selling you don’t have to be a part of their association. It’s not conducted through some popularity poll that only ensures that the company that has the most distributors votes for them will always capture the top spots.  With the DirectSellingLive/Distributor Magazine POWER 50 you can’t buy your way onto our lists or do any favors that will get you on the lists or allow you to move up. It’s not based on your “years of service” to direct selling or how many distributors your company has or sales volume or the amount of products you sold. No, all of our power lists are based on what you did during the previous calendar year to impact Direct Sellingbest places to play online blackjack.

best roulette online sitesPower and Influence is not always positive. It can sometimes be negative. Power and Influence is…Power and Influence. Either you have or you don’t. It is rare that distributors make our list because it can change the balance of power in Direct Selling and have tremendous impact on a companies fortunes and a distributors pay check. However, every now and then a distributors comes along and their presence is so impact that it transcends Direct Selling. Those individuals are always considered for our lists and a few have made our POWER 50. The same holds true for people outside of Direct Selling. If an individuals outside of Direct Selling impacts our industry in a meaningful way they are considered for our POWER 50.

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