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By Deb Bixler

A company or team is only as strong as the goals it can set (and complete) for its members.

The right goals help a team leader set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART) goals that can be accomplished in an effective manner.

bingo bonus ukAny company can benefit from using the SMART method when it comes to setting deadlines, accomplishments, and other means of getting things done, and in using this technique can reach heights that were unforeseeable before.

Find out how being SMART can make a difference in any type of businessbig cash online casino win.

Smart Goals Make The Destination Clear
An attainable goal is one that can be reached in a reasonable amount of time, like making 100 sales in a single month.

bet365 wheres the goldñ  Specific: A specific goal is one that states exactly what will be accomplished, such as 100 sales in a month.

ñ  Measurable: Measurable means the accomplishments that can be claimed along the way, so the big picture isn’t lost. Acquiring 3 sales a day helps make the end goal more measurable for you and your team or any one else involvedbet cash casino gambling.

ñ  Relevant: A goal that is relevant applies directly to the company, your business or the time frame and culture going on at the timebingo cash prizes.

ñ  Time: Finally, a timely goal is one that can be completed in an amount of time that everyone can be comfortable with. A goal that must take 2 years can be divided into 6 mini goals so the work isn’t lost in the time frame involved.
Team SMART Goals
What makes the SMART approache to goals great is that every person involved can understand the goals set in place and know how their role will help achieve the goal.

Since these goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely in structure, everyone from the basic floor of the plan up to the final touches can know exactly what it is they can contribute to help make the goal a successbest us based online casino.

Make Your Goals SMART-ER!best places to play online blackjack

best roulette online sitesA goal that is SMART in nature helps everyone feel motivated to work in their areas that can benefit the end results, and gets everyone involved in the process.

Take the SMART goal mindset one step further and make your goals SMARTER by adding:best signup bonus slots

ñ  Evaluate: A point in time that you evaluate your goals is important. Don’t wait until the end to determine your results. Evaluate your SMART goals along the way!

ñ  Re-Evaluate: A few points along the way for evaluational and regrouping will keep you and your team on track! Be smarter in your goals and build in several points along the way to evaluate and reevaluate progress so you can regroup when necessarty!

Using the SMARTER method, any company or team can create goals that are clearly defined and easy to accomplish in ways everyone can grow.

Deb Bixler is a direct sales educator specializing in the party plan business model.