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HOPEFULLNESS: Without the Mindset of “Hope” Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Can’t Exist

Today in Direct Selling there is so much talk about having to have the right mind-set for abundance. All that’s well and good but how do you get to that mind-set in the first place? I’ll tell you how.

bingo bonus ukYou either have to have the “Wealth Mindset”, “Prosperity Mindset” or the “Abundance Mindset” to achieve greatness. To have a mindset less than these means, according to some, that you live in lack mindset or poverty mindset. For some saying why you have not achieved anything in life having a lack mindset or poverty mindset is totally of your own doing.  While for those who suffer from a lack mindset or poverty mindset it is a mindset impressed upon you by someone else or something else such as your parents or social standards or conditions that you have very little control over. As a child these impressions can be so deeply rooted in your subconscious that it can be almost impossible to escape them.

So this begs the question, “if you have never known wealth, prosperity or abundance, you have few role models to show you the based on racial or social conditions how do you even come close to accepting that wealth, property and abundance is a possibility for your life?” If all you ever known is poverty or lack or struggle how do you imagine greatness for yourself? It is one thing for someone to stand in front of a room of 5,000 people and rain down upon you all the reason why you are in the condition you are today when they are successful. It is a completely different story to transform a person’s mind or will into one that believes in new possibilities for themselves.  Why? Simply because it’s hard work to touch someone’s soul and help them find a way out of their own darkness. This kind of work  is soul work and it ain’t easy. It is true transformational work one that gets to the soul of an individual. Transformational work is very different than motivational work which is why we have more motivational speakers than transformational teachers.  When you motivate someone you motivate them for a few hours to a few days. However, when you transform someone you change their life…forever.

big cash online casino winAs wonderful as the mindset of wealth, prosperity and abundance are there is a missing mindset in the conversation that is rarely discussed in Direct Selling. It is the mindset that makes the “Wealth Mindset”, “Prosperity Mindset” or the “Abundance Mindset” possible. It is the foundation for all change. It is the foundation for all things possible. It is the mindset of HOPE. Without having a HOPE Mindset first the “Wealth Mindset”, “Prosperity Mindset” or the “Abundance Mindset” can never materialize. The possibility of something being better will never exist. HOPE is where it all begins and ends.

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Keeper Catran-Whitney
is the owner of NeXus Worldwide Media Group, LLC. Celebrating its 15 the year NeXus Worldwide Media Group, LLC is a leading media and communications company in Direct Selling owning such properties as, and They are the creators of  Direct Selling’s hit TV show’s “The Recruit”and “Profile in Courage: Distributor Stories”. TNeXus are the creators of Direct Selling most powerful and influential power lists with the Annual POWER 50, The Women of POWER and The Minority 30 and The 25 Must Have Items for Direct Selling Success.  Keeper is the author of Direct Selling only book on recruiting the 18-30 year old market with “The Network Marketing/Direct Selling Industry’s Official Guide To The Youth, Urban and Multicultural Markets”. He is co-author of the New Times Best Selling Book “Build It Big” and the publisher of “DirectSellingive’s Distributor Magazine”.

Recognized as Direct Selling’s leading voice on the power of HOPE. He he is a much sought speaker and is currently writing “The 33 Immutable Laws of HOPE” (coming winter 2014) and “The Art of Story Selling for Direct Seller’s”